Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arnold Sports Festival 2012

TheFugitive and Gamma Labs will be live at the Arnold Sports Festival on Friday and Saturday.

And remember, the first ten people to find me on Friday and Saturday WIN! Gamma-O and PTF

Sunday, February 26, 2012


A quick look at my 4 week cycle with GL's Gamma-O V2

The chart below represents my 4 week run with Gamma Labs, Gamma-O V2 on Libido, Strength, Fat Loss, Recovery and Sleep.

(End of Week 1) I started to notice a slight increase in libido (End of Week 2) My libido was really starting to rise. Strength-fat loss-recovery and sleep were all starting to kick in (End of Week 3) This is when I knew the V2 Series was a true contender, my libido and strength were peaking at an alarming rate, my reps, recovery and my sleep patterns were improving daily (End of Week 4) My results were stellar. All five categories had a steady increase over my four week period. I was really surprised on how well Gamma-O improved my sleep. I currently have sleep issues due to a recent shoulder surgery. Gamma-O helped me accomplish, deeper and more restful sleep. My four week run was so impressive, I'm going to continue it for another four weeks. A final eight week review will post upon completion.

Who can benefit from Gamma-O? Just about anyone over the age of 25. Most males will notice a decline in their late 20's to early 30's. Low-T will effect every male at some point. Some signs and symptoms (decrease in energy levels, low sex drive, increased body fat, loss of muscle mass and sleep) does this sounds like you? Gamma-O can bring back that youthful you.

Gamma Oryzanol elevates testosterone production at a very safe rate (no PCT needed-no prostate enlargement-no hair loss-safe on liver and lipid levels) The new V2 profile is bigger and badder. Indole-3-Carbinol was added to combat and surpress unwanted estrogen levels, Vitamin D to assist with testosterone production and bone strength, Maca Root was added for it's positive effect on sexual health. I guarantee by the end of your four week cycle you'll look and feel more confident. Don't let Low-T get the best of you, fight back with Gamma-O V2.

Gamma-O V2 is Fugitive Approved.

Don't just take my word. Checkout some of the reviews at

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bicep Exercises and Workouts For Mass

by JEFF on MAY 23, 2011
Ever notice that some guys don’t have bicep definition on the outside of their arm? You might even be able to relate to this, your biceps look alright from the inside view, but you can’t really see anything from the outside view.
Other guys have great definition from both sides of view, with the side view looking like this:
If you can’t see the biceps from the side view, it is because they were training their biceps with a limited range of motion that didn’t allow the bicep muscles to activate for the entire range of motion.
Another distinction is bicep ‘width’ and bicep ‘peak’. Concentration curls helps build more of a peak while barbell curls helps build more mass and width. I will talk about this later in the exercises section.
In this post, I will talk about bicep workouts for mass, complete with bicep exercises, workout routines and video demonstrations.
But first I’m going to talk about the importance of form and how you can use correct form and a full range of motion to build more bicep mass that is visible from BOTH sides of view. You will not experience optimal growth if these points are omitted during your training.

The Importance Of Form

Form is critical, don’t sacrifice your form to lift heavier weights because it will not help you grow. You can only get proper muscle activation and a full range of movement if you have great form.
The bicep is made up of two parts, the brachii and the brachialis. The brachii is the inside of the bicep and the brachialis is the outside of your bicep. Here is what it looks like:
The reason that guys don’t have bicep definition from the side view is because their brachialis are not properly developed.
With the right exercises and the right form, you will be able to develop both sides of the bicep. You will be surprised at the growth once both parts of your bicep muscle are growing together. The exercises that I talk about later in this article will help you get this growth.

Number of Reps and Rest Time Between Sets

To build more bicep mass, your workouts need to be able to create more muscle fatigue. To create this muscle fatigue, you need to do higher reps using lower weights, with shorter rest periods. Lastly, shorten your rest period in between sets, it should not exceed 30 seconds.
Do not rest for 30 seconds and then get ready to do your next set. You need to start your next set at the end of the break time. Experiment with shorter rest periods. Start with 30 seconds and then try out 20 seconds.

Starting Bicep Exercises

These are exercises that are good for starting your bicep workout.

Drag Curls

This exercise is excellent for putting more mass. You can choose this exercise this at the beginning of your bicep workout.

Barbell/Ez-Bar Curls

The barbell curls is a basic and versatile exercise. With a close grip, you work the outside of your bicep. With a far apart grip, you work the inside of the bicep. The ez-bar takes a lot of the stress of your wrist, but it works your biceps at a slightly different angle.

Finishing Bicep Exercises

Concentration Curls

This is one of the best finishing exercises. It helps you build more of a bicep ‘peak’. The peak creates a small size difference, but it creates a very significant visual difference. Because of the motion, you will be using a lower weight. As a finishing exercise, your biceps will already be fatigued at this point anyways.

Preacher Curls

Preacher Curls works both heads of the biceps, focusing on the lower biceps, this creates more definition in that area. A little increase in definition and size in the right place can create a noticeable increase in ‘perceived size’.
This demonstration below is just for entertainment purposes:

Sample Bicep Workout

Now that you know the principles of bicep workouts for mass, you can create your own. Just remember the points:
  • Work out both heads of your bicep
  • Full range of motion with great form
  • Work towards muscle fatigue (higher reps)
Here is a sample workout that you can try out:
  1. Start off with barbell curls at 3 sets of 8 reps. 20-30 second rest in between sets.
  2. Followed by Preacher Curls at 4×12
  3. Concentration Curls 4×12

Something You Might Be Interested in…

Biceps are ‘show muscles’ or ‘visible muscles’ as I like to call them. It turns out that visible muscles only makes up 20% of your entire muscle mass. However, this subset of muscles make up 80% of your perceived muscle size. This small subset of muscles are what makes you look ripped when they are developed properly.
This is how Hollywood actors transform their bodies in such a short time. They focus on developing 20% of the muscles that create 80% of the results. To learn more about developing these muscles fast to get ripped, check out my post on The Best Workout Routine To Get Ripped Fast.
These exercises were very helpful to me after my recent surgery (rotator cuff repair-labral-bicep repair) I lost a lot of size in my right arm, especially the peak/height of my bicep. If your new to weight lifting or struggling to gain size in your bicep, I highly recommend a few of these exercises. Thanks again to Instructional 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chocolate milk might be your best post-workout option.

Chocolate milk is a great way to recover after weight training and power exercise. It helps the muscles recover where weight training wears out the muscles. Carbohydrates are the most important calorie intake when strength training in order to build muscle. Low-fat milk provides a balanced ratio of protein to carbohydrates making chocolate milk a beneficial recovery aid. Carbohydrates are also the predominate source of energy for the body allowing it to metabolize and heal quicker. Carbohydrates turn to glycogen in the muscles allowing for bursts of energy to occur while weight training and the longer the work out, the more glycogen is required.

Protein is also an essential nutrient when it comes to building muscle. This is found in chocolate milk allowing the muscles to rebuild when consumed post workout.. James Madison University did a study that found that those who consumed chocolate milk post work out helped aid in muscle damage caused by strenuous exercise and helped build leaner muscles. Due to the minerals found in chocolate milk—potassium, calcium, and magnesium—it allowed athletes to restore their muscles and energy level just as quickly but with additional health benefits.

This study also proved that lower levels of creatine kinase were evident in the athletes who drank chocolate milk over those who consumed sports drinks. This allows for stronger muscles to build and restore where it would take much longer with regular sports drinks. There was no difference in performance level of the athletes which gives good reason why chocolate milk should be used as a post work out beverage for weight training and power exercise.

Replenishing the body is fundamental in all training as it helps performance levels advance and improve overall results. When building muscle it is extremely important to give the body what it needs in order to repair itself. Studies have shown that when low-fat chocolate milk is drunk after strenuous weight training, it has the ability to help gain muscle and recover it quicker for optimal strength.

Low-fat milk is also 90% water and this allows the fluid level of your body to restore itself much quicker. The sugar content in milk is known as lactose. This carbohydrate allows the muscles to energize or speed up the recovery process of tired muscles. Whey is a key ingredient in milk that aids the body in producing protein which is very important when participating in intense exercise. Weight training puts a lot of stress on the body and it is important to have a healthy body and by doing that it would also mean to allow important to have a healthy body and a proper recovery.

When drinking chocolate milk as a post workout drink, it guarantees your body to begin the healing process from intense exercise. With all of the nutrients working together in milk, it makes it the optimum post workout drink for recovery and fluid restoration that you can make cheaply at home and reap its rewards.

I highly recommend Shamrock Farms-Rockin Refuel.  
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What is ATP?

ATP is an abbreviation for adenosine 5'-triphosphate, commonly known as "the universal energy storage molecule. "ATP exists both inside (intracelluarly) and outside (extracellulary) virtually every cell of the body. The role of intercellular ATP has been well established-it is largely responsible for the energetics, function and survival of cells. When the phosphate bonds of ATP are broken down, the energy released powers all body functions. Extracellular ATP regulates many physiological responses-such as vascular, cardiac and muscle functions.-by interacting with specific ATP receptors on cell surfaces. Interestingly, when intercellular ATP becomes depleted, extracellular ATP can cross into cells via it's catabolic components, adenosine and inorganic phosphate. While ATP is generally manufactured in the body on a continual basis, age, exercise and other stressors can significantly reduce or deplete it's levels. Through an exclusive license agreement with Dr. Eliezer Rapaport, a widely recognized expert in adenosine nucleotides, Technical Sourcing Internationals, Inc. (TSI) is the only company to manufacture patented ATP as a novel nutraceutical ingredient.

                                          What does PEAK ATP do?

TSI's patented PEAK ATP elevates the body's extRacellular ATP levels. Scientific evidence has demonstrated that extracellular ATP is a major regulator of vascular, cardiac and muscle functions. By activating specific ATP receptors present on vascular endothelial cells (the cells that line the blood vessel walls) These actions stimulate blood flow to peripheral areas without affecting blood pressure or heart rate. Not only exogenous ATP cardioprotective, but it also enhances the delivery of glucose, nutrients and oxygen to working and recovering muscles. Additionally, it helps remove catabolic waste products. These mechanisms improve physical performance, benefit muscle growth, strength and recovery, and increase overall energy levels. What's more, increases in extracellular ATP have also been demonstrated to enhance cerebral blood flow and metabolism-boosting mental acuity and potentially lessening the perception of fatigue and/ or exercise-associated with pain.

I'll be running PEAK ATP at 125mg to 250mg pre-workout. Studies have been performed on athletes weighing 190lbs and under at 125mg. TSI claims that cardiovascular, circulatory and vascular system benefits are realized almost immediately upon taking the ingredient. Logging statistically significant performance results, however, requires chronic dosing for at least two weeks. I'll update this at my two week mark.

A full review will follow!

BSN Syntha-6 strawberry review

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Congrats to the Gamma Labs Super Bowl Promo winner's and Gamma-O loggers

Congrats to the 5 PTF Super Bowl Promo Winners.

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