Gamma O Final review

Well this has been on heck of a ride. Thanks to all that followed along a showed their continued support. Where to start? Sure everyone is wondering does GammaO work and the answer is Yes. I had some nice deep sleep which was a great bonus with the crazy month.
Libidio threw the roof like my wife had any complaints about that. Stamina in and out of the gym was great as well and noticable increase. Strength increases all the way around hit countless PRs. I also packed on 7 lbs of muscle as well. I fell 1 lb short of my goal of 235.
Now for the negatives....I did not notice any other then some very minor acne when it first started kicking in. It did go away about the 3rd week in.

Strength and recovery 9.5/10
libidio 11/10
Muscle mass 9.5/10
stamina 9.5/10

Overall I am gonna give Gamma-O a 9.7/10 total rating.As they say at Gamma Labs"Fighting solves everything"