Sunday, May 12, 2013

TPAYNTER cuts with Gamma-O

Overall I was extremely pleased with Gamma-O, very very solid testosterone booster that holds up to it's claims. I was lucky enough to get to run two bottles of this, one liquid caps, the other straight liquid. Between the two I did not notice a difference in one being more effective than the other but i can say that I preferred the convenience of the caps. However, the liquid formula is delicious! I had approximately a one week break between the two bottles. I do not feel this affected anything because I could still feel the effects of Gamma-O during that week. I could tell a slight difference in energy levels but nothing major. Over the time that I used Gamma-O I went from 192 pounds down to 180 pounds. I was also able to increase my deadlift from 500 to 520 pounds. The number one reason I would suggest this product is for strength gains. I consider myself to be a strength athlete, so that is the absolute most important thing to me.

As far as giving this product a numbers rating, I'm not going to waste my time or yours ranking it in each category. 

It's a 10/10 PERIOD!

If anyone has any questions concerning how I used Gamma-O or any questions pertaining to anything specific please feel free to ask. I would HIGHLY suggest this product to anyone trying to either gaine strength, lose weight, or build mass. It's a very good testosterone booster from a company that now has a ton of respect from me.

Before and Afters

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