Friday, June 14, 2013

Gamma Labs Platinum-T

In an attempt to positively impact the lives of customers with testosterone deficiencies, Gamma Labs, the maker of the popular energy formula G Fuel, is announcing a bold new promotion guaranteeing customers over the age of 30 will double their testosterone levels or get double the refund.
“I wouldn’t put our reputation on the line if I didn’t whole heartedly believe we could make a difference in our customers’ lives,” said Clifford Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of Gamma Labs.
Targeting customers who have been undecided about the benefits of a testosterone supplement, the new Platinum T promotion is designed to help make the decision as easy as possible.
With an eye towards educating consumers, Gamma Labs has released an informative YouTube video that details the benefits of testosterone supplements in everyday life. Morgan stars in the two and a half minute video and offers a personal testimonial to the life changing nature of Platinum T.
“Whether you’re looking for a first time testosterone supplement or a Father’s Day gift for Dad, Platinum T is a fool proof way to make a difference in every guy’s life,” says Morgan.
Delving into the sometimes permanent choice that comes with prescription strength hormone replacement therapy, the video goes on to highlight the non-committal nature of a natural testosterone supplement such as Platinum T.
Platinum T is the breakthrough supplement from Gamma Labs designed for men over thirty who are experiencing the effects of low testosterone. Scientifically formulated to increase energy, improve mood, help maintain and regain hard muscle, and enhance desire, the all-natural supplement restores testosterone to youthful levels.
Formulated to help men overcome the low testosterone quickly and safely, Platinum T is fast acting, and will help men get their edge back in as little as thirty days, without the inconvenient side effect of hair loss. With the addition of powerful anti-oxidant protection, Platinum T will also have men feeling as good on the inside as they look on the outside.
Gamma Labs is also maker of the popular G Fuel energy drink that offers a natural energy enhancement without the crash that occurs with other energy drinks, and the workout supplement PTF.
For more information on Platinum T, G Fuel or Gamma Labs products, go to, or visit the Gamma Labs TV channel on YouTube.
About Gamma Labs: Gamma Labs was established in 2004 for a single reason—to find the healthiest, most effective way to enhance athletic performance using 100% natural, legal, and effective formulas. The team behind Gamma Labs consists of real athletes who use the products every day and who are committed to developing safe, highly effective, all-natural supplements formulated out of the latest scientific expertise and manufactured to the highest levels of pharmaceutical standards. Each of the company’s products comes with a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. Learn more at http://www.GFuel.com, or
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